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We build strong client relationships. At Jarvis McGee Rice, we pride ourselves on representing our clients with compassion, understanding, and strength. We recognize that personal injury litigation is a partnership between the lawyer and client and we work to maximize your recovery and the value of your claim. We have successfully resolved thousands of claims through negotiation and litigation, including claims related to soft tissue injuries, orthopaedic injuries, neurological injuries, chronic pain, brain injuries and fatalities.


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As a client of JMR Law, you access the full legal resources of our firm, including our extensive network of the top specialists and experts in the province. We work with the best experts in the fields of medicine, rehabilitation, engineering, accounting and economics to ensure that you receive full value for your claim. At JMR Law we deliver effective, responsive, and personalized legal representation. We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning our clients pay no upfront legal fees. Our account is paid from the settlement proceeds. If you recover nothing, we take no fees.


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Recent Trial Results

Rajan v. Hudon, 2014 BCSC 1678

John Rice and Mike Elliott acted for Ashraf Rajan, an operating room nurse and married mother to two children who was injured in three motor vehicle accidents. The Plaintiff said the accidents, and especially the third accident, caused her significant injury, chronic pain, and a grossly diminished ability to continue working until retirement as a nurse. A few weeks before trial ICBC hired three different sets of defense lawyers to defend the claim against our lawyers in the courtroom. They alleged the Plaintiff was exaggerating her injuries and urged the trial judge to award very little compensation. Testifying in our client’s support were her husband, mother in law, her former and current supervisors from Burnaby General Hospital, colleagues from a private surgery centre with whom Ashraf worked, along with a number of medical specialists and occupational therapists. The trial judge awarded Mrs. Rajan almost $430,000 in damages plus costs and disbursements. While finding that the Plaintiff’s injuries were not as significant as she alleged, the damages award included among other losses $90,000 for pain and suffering and $225,000 for lifetime loss of income earning capacity, which amounted to about three years of gross earnings for an operating room nurse. The full reasons for judgement can be found here.

Brunelle v. Yoshida, 2014 BCSC 1006

Jon Harbut and Michael Elliott acted for Sarah Brunelle, a 32 year old ultrasound technician. Ms. Brunelle was injured when her vehicle was rear ended by the defendant. The impact resulted in little to no damage to either vehicle. Ms. Brunelle had a long-standing prior injury to her left shoulder which was symptomatic, yet stable, at the time of the accident. As a result of the accident, Ms. Brunelle suffered soft tissue injury to her neck, back, and shoulders which resulted in persistent headaches, difficulty sleeping, and occasional depressive symptoms and low mood. ICBC defended the case and argued that all of Ms. Brunelle’s problems were related to her prior shoulder injury, and further, that she was greatly exaggerating her symptoms and limitations. Her credibility was thoroughly tested at trial. The trial judge accepted our argument and awarded Ms. Brunelle $145,852 in damages, including $60,000 for non-pecuniary damages, $40,000 for loss of future earning capacity, and $30,000 for future cost of care. The full reasons for judgement can be found here.

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$226,000 Award for Injuries Caused by
Out-of-Control Cyclist

In the case of Jang v. Ritchie, 2013 BCSC 2459, Mr. Jang, a 55-year-old (61 at trial) sushi chef of 25 years, was walking along a park trail when an out-of-control cyclist struck him from behind and resulted in Mr. Jang sustaining a left wrist fracture that required immediate surgery.

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