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We build strong client relationships. At Jarvis McGee Rice, we pride ourselves on representing our clients with compassion, understanding, and strength. We recognize that personal injury litigation is a partnership between the lawyer and client and we work to maximize your recovery and the value of your claim. We have successfully resolved thousands of claims through negotiation and litigation, including claims related to soft tissue injuries, orthopaedic injuries, neurological injuries, chronic pain, brain injuries and fatalities.


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As a client of JMR Law, you access the full legal resources of our firm, including our extensive network of the top specialists and experts in the province. We work with the best experts in the fields of medicine, rehabilitation, engineering, accounting and economics to ensure that you receive full value for your claim. At JMR Law we deliver effective, responsive, and personalized legal representation. We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning our clients pay no upfront legal fees. Our account is paid from the settlement proceeds. If you recover nothing, we take no fees.


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Recent Trial Results

Valino v. Chu, 2015 BCSC 114

Our lawyers advanced a claim for pain and suffering, lost earnings to trial, past and future out of pocket expenses for treatment and rehabilitation, and a claim for the lifetime impairment to Mary’s income earning capacity. ICBC defended the claim, alleging Mary’s injuries were not as severe as she described. ICBC denied Mary’s future ability to earn income was impaired, despite partial permanent disability to her hand and chronic pain. ICBC also argued she was entitled to little assistance for future care and treatment. The trial judge rejected the defense analysis, and awarded Mary over $750,000 in damages, including $125,000 for her pain and suffering, $500,000 for the lifetime impairment to her income earning capacity, and over $69,000 in compensation for treatment like physiotherapy, counselling, and heavy duty home support.The full reasons for judgment are available for download here.

Johal v. Meyede, 2014 BCCA 509

ICBC appealed the trial judge’s award of $611,000 for loss of capacity and $90,000 for loss of future care. John Rice and Mike Elliott argued the matter at the Court of Appeal with Cody Wagner providing instrumental help in preparing the matter for appeal. The Court of Appeal unanimously upheld the trial judge’s award for loss of capacity while rejecting ICBC’s argument that there was “insufficient evidence before the judge to allow him to reasonably infer that there was a sufficient likelihood that Ms. Johal could achieve the positions of general manager and operations manager and so treat it as a positive contingency.” The Court of Appeal found that clearer reasons were required regarding the award for future cost of care and remitted the matter back to the trial judge for a clarification of that narrow issue. The full reasons for judgement can be found here.

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JMR Wins $750k ICBC Claim for Partial, Permanent Disability

In a December 2014 trial, Jon Harbut and John Rice were proud to act for a 26 year old diamond mining engineer named Mary Valino. Mary was the belted, front seat passenger in a horrific single vehicle roll over collision on October 10, 2010 near Grand Cache, Alberta. Mary was removed from the vehicle by emergency services and ultimately flown by helicopter ambulance to the hospital in Grand Prairie. Mary was a 22 year old mining graduate student at UBC when she was injured. In the collision, Mary suffered serious soft tissue injuries that developed into chronic pain as well as fractures and lacerations to her dominant hand middle finger, which required a number of surgeries and ultimately a complete fusion operation.

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